The artist retains ownership of the original artwork unless agreed in writing between the artist and client. A further fee will be negotiated, should ownership of the artwork by the client be required. The client shall not make any alteration to the artwork unless agreed in writing by the artist.

The artist retains ownership of the copyright (Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988). Ownership of copyright is not affected by purchase of the original artwork. The license granted is exclusive to the agreed client. The artist retains the right to use the artwork for self-promotion.

The artist can only adhere to deadlines agreed if there is no delay in the approval of roughs or in the supply of reference material. The artist shall not be held responsible for any consequential loss arising from the late delivery of artwork.

Should the Client choose to cancel work after commencement, Client agrees to pay Illustrator 25% of the final fees if the cancellation occurs after sketches; 50% of the final fee if cancellation occurs after revised linears; and 100% of the final fee if cancellation occurs after final art. If the artist has correctly followed the brief, and the work is consistent with that of the artist's portfolio, and with that shown to the client, then the full fee is payable. The client has no right to reject the work on the basis of style or composition. Any objections to the final artwork must be conveyed within seven days of delivery, after which it shall be conclusively presumed that the artwork has been accepted. In the event of rejection of the artwork, all rights in the artwork shall remain the property of the artist.

If an estimate is requested prior to receiving full details of the commission, it should be understood that this is in no way binding and may differ after the artist has received the complete brief.

Payment shall be made within 7 days from the date of invoice.

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