Soulful Sessions

DIY Online Branding Workshop $149

What do you stand for? What sets you apart?

Soulful Sessions are fun, online workshops to help you tap into what makes you, and your brand, so special... giving you the confidence and the clarity to create irresistibly powerful messages.

Sign up for 4 sessions of fun, interactive, compelling videos, worksheets and exercises online!

When you get clear about the foundation of your brand, you'll unlock the power of your business and everything it needs to leap forward.

4 x Soulful Sessions Online

What we cover

Session 1: What makes you special?
Dig deep to tease out the soul of who you are and what your brand stands for in the world.

Session 2: Who's listening?
Your community - creating a love brand with a loyal tribe and working out your 'brand experience'.

Session 3: What's your story?
Create your own powerful conversations around your brand: this is gold for your business success.

Session 4: Ready for action?
Together we'll prepare your Brand Plan - you'll walk away with a clear roadmap ready to go.

Get to the soul behind your brand.

Soulful Sessions branding workshops have been a calling of mine for many years - a calling that continued to shine so bright, it became impossible to ignore. Now I'm honoured to work with business owners and entrepreneurs, empowering them to build their own brands and embrace the soul of what they already have.

These DIY Branding Sessions are a great first step or alternative to Soulful Branding Therapy. If you are disciplined, then do this. You can always book in for individual sessions if you need some extra help.

Soulful Sessions will help you prepare a brand plan that forms a powerful foundation for everything you do moving forward. Easily actionable tasks enable you to flow naturally and be who you need to be, watching your brand flourish around you.

If you're not 100% happy with your Soulful Sessions, you get your money back. It's that simple.

You can always book in a Soulful BrandStorm session anytime throughout the program if you require additional support or one-on-one time to nut out any of the details of your Brand Plan.

Interested but want to know more?

Send us a note and we'll be in touch with more details.

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What people are saying about Soulful Sessions

"Suddenly I realise how powerful branding is, and that it is really foundational - not an add-on for later. It's hard to put a price on branding because it's not until you have this information that you really appreciate how valuable it is. Soulful Sessions makes branding accessible, because unfortunately, a lot of people like myself don't have the kind of funds needed for branding upfront. But it's a shame because it really is the rocket launcher to a business in the sky!"
Mel, Byron Bay

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