Soulful Branding Therapy

One-on-one sessions 

Your 4 x branding sessions are soulful and intuitive - I meet you where you're at right now. I want to know all about your ideas, your plans and aspirations.

It all starts with the super-powerful brand positioning workshop.

We carve through any confusion to shine a bright light on your brand - creating perfect clarity for your messages and the tribe you want to attract to your brand.

At the end of your 4 sessions we have your brand positioning crystal clear, we know exactly who your customers are and what they want to hear; we will nut out your message: the song you'll want to sing from the rooftops; and then set it all out in your Brand Plan.

You will be given homework after each session.

You won't receive any design, artwork or professional copywriting within these sessions.

What you will have though is all of the information you need to brief absolutely anyone on the image you are going to create for your brand.

Do you need Branding Therapy?

If you're lacking clarity or buckling under the weight of overwhelm and confusion for your brand - it's time to lie down on the couch for a Soulful Branding Therapy Session.

I have a succinct yet soulful process to get you lit up about your brand which will light up the path for your business going into the future.

We know how valuable branding is. When done well, it can be your business's greatest asset.

When you have an amazing brand, a unique, important, meaningful message for your brand - you become unstoppable.

Let's craft you a brilliant song to sing. It needs to be a song you can sing over and over again - without getting sick of it - so it had better be good.

Your brand, your message, your story needs depth, it needs legs - it needs the wings to fly.

Branding Therapy is 4 powerful sessions to light up your brand with meaning and purpose. They are 1 hour sessions in person, over the phone or via Skype. We work out your branding position, your tribe, your message and put it all together to create your Brand Plan.

Brand building is like ship building. The brilliant branding work we do together, is like building your ship. The integrity of your ship will stay in perfect shape as you set off into unchartered waters.

This process will make perfect sense to you. It is just a way of cutting through all of the complexities of your business to focus on the best stuff, the stuff that makes you so powerful and valuable. This is where all of the material lies that we will use to build your ship that is your brand.

My aim is to leave you excited, clear and completely empowered and ready to direct your brand, keeping it on course.

Together we will be doing some serious (abut fun) strategising. The outcomes of these sessions will withhold the test of time. What we decide in these sessions will still be true even in a decade's time ... or more.

I take your brand and your business very seriously: this is your big important work, it could even be your life purpose, and it certainly is your life works right now. So allow me to be your branding guardian angel.

One-on-one sessions x 4  $1260+GST

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What people are saying about Soulful Branding Therapy

"I so loved the session yesterday. I gained an incredible amount of insight into myself and my offer and had lots of fun in the process. (The results) are full of so much delicious goodness for me to pour over and I find myself longingly staring at my postie love notes and feeling excited for my business and its future. Thank you enormously again and again."
Karen, Melbourne

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