Surfing and Soulful Branding

If you're looking for a quick fix of soulful branding, you can't go past the surfing brands, many of which began in Australia. Surfing as a sport has a rich culture that brands have themselves helped to create and continue to successfully tap in to.

These brands hold a mirror up to perhaps one of the most soulful sports of all.

Why are the surf brands so soulful?

This becomes clear when you dig beneath the surface and understand the passion and obsession of the surfing culture. The secret ingredients that make up a soulful brand include passion and spirit and a mix of captivating stories that are steeped in layers of meaning and authenticity.

A snapshot of the surfing culture, so well-captured by the surf brands:

+  Surfers love nature, especially the sea, they are often intune with the seasons, geography and weather-patterns.
+  Surfing has close links to the spirituality of mind/body/spirit. Surfers naturally meditate sitting out the back waiting for their next wave.
+  A mostly youth culture, but you can't ignore the retro root-stock of the original surfers who are mostly still around.
+  There's a marriage of surfing with the arts especially photography, video, graphics and music.
+  Travel and adventure are an integral part of surfing culture – The endless search for the next big wave.

Surfing culture is synonymous with being laid back and relaxed but it is also a culture rich in all of those glorious things the soul thrives on like nature, the arts, spirituality, risk and adventure.

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