It’s the first day of Spring.

For me Winter - especially this year - has been about bunkering down, regrouping, healing, but also professionally gathering myself, preparing for my re-emergence: for the next unfolding of my business.

What do you have planned to roll out this Spring?
Do you have seeds planted, little shoots appearing? 
It’s time to emerge from your cocoon, get out in the sunshine and sing your song. 

Get out amongst your tribe.
  • Highlight important people, influencers, people you want to connect with who could unlock whole new worlds of exciting connections. 
  • Reach out, pick up the phone, network, be social. 
  • Buy a new Spring inspired outfit that makes you feel amazing and new. 
  • Refresh your website. 
  • Plan a launch or event.
  • Write.
Let’s be inspired by the new season. Let it get under our skin. Let’s use this as an opportunity to get in to our flow.
Put on our wings. Fly. 

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