Soulful Branding


Soulful branding comes like a crash to the head

Soulful Branding # 3

This week I crashed my bike and gave myself a good knock to the head (on a parked car). Once the stars subsided and I lay for a day nursing scrapes and bruises with ice-packs layered over me,  I went on to have a remarkable week. I think maybe the hit to the head knocked some sense into me.

I made the decision to change my business name from cutsey 'Kymba' to what I have been using as my tagline 'Soulful Branding'. I had been throwing the idea around [deliberating,  angsting over it] for years now,  but have finally taken the leap. It will be official from the beginning of the financial year. In the meantime I will slowly transition across to the new name, retaining 'Kymba' as my illustrator name.

Finally making a decision with my own branding (following the knock to the head) has caused everything to fall into place. I can now see 2013 laid out in front of me like a secret path leading me into a beautiful jungle.

Reading a chapter in Scott Belsky's book "Making Ideas Happen",  he interviews "trail-blazing entrepreneur" Andrew Weinreich who imparts these insights:

  • Entrepreneurs aren't necessarily the ones with the best ideas – they are just the ones willing to jump off a cliff without the answers.
  • You can live longer off passion than you can off money.
  • Don't have a finish line in mind but stay engaged with incremental progess and maintain momentum.

"It's like driving a car at night… You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."  ~ Scott Belsky

Belsky argues that having a masterful business plan is overrated. I personally think it's essential to do big picture planning to give yourself clear direction and purpose. But you can then throw it to one side and see where the road takes you.



This week Soulful Branding Inspiration comes from:
1. Coconuts by Common Ground Byron Bay
2. Moroccan Chocolate 
3. Francis Coppola Winery - Sofia Blanc de Blancs
4. Perth's Twilight Hawkers Market
5. Communication Arts C.F.Martin & Co.

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