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Soulful Branding #4
A big hello from Soulful Branding Headquarters – my garage studio that is – where the wind is blowing leaves straight in and a teenage magpie is cracking on seedpods at the open door – curiously peering in wondering what I am doing in here.

The journey starts with a single step

I said that I would explain a little more about Soulful Branding but I wonder where to start. For me Soulful Branding is a journey and this is just the beginning. If you want to join me we can dig into the depths of what it means to be a soulful brand.

Adj. 1. soulful - full of or expressing deep emotion; deep feeling; profoundly emotional; expressing profound thoughts or feelings

Although 'Soulful Branding' sounds like a contradiction in terms. Marketing and even advertising can be soulful and this is what people are looking for in brands and businesses. There is a thirst for soulfulness (and perhaps there always has been). People want to be moved and they are asking brands to do that – to be more real and to connect with them personally.

The new kind of brand

The new type of brand experience is caring, natural and built on foundations of emotional intelligence. Brands are needing to be more human with depth and purpose and authenticity. The beauty is, we are all naturally soulful (that is if you have a soul).

Small businesses have direct access to soulfulness with with their passionate directors and partners who represent the real human face of the brand. It is this very passion that is gold for developing a brilliant brand.

Though some brands find it easier to be soulful than others – a coffee company may find it easier than a toilet cleaning company. But then there is Kenny (the movie) just to prove that theory all wrong. There is soul everywhere. And I'm captivated by the idea of using this endless supply of soul as fuel for marketing.

In my book, a brand that has soul is one that pulls at the heartstrings, has depth and is naturally captivating and charismatic ~ Soulful Branding

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The mission of Soulful Branding is to collaborate with marketing managers, entrepreneurs, business directors and personal brands to make them as soulful as they can be. Drawing directly from the source where all of the love and passion and excitement is stashed. Together we reveal the heart and soul of your brand in a way that is irresistible to your customers and I go on to design the look and feel and marketing material to communicate just that. It all starts with the Soulful Brand-storm.

Image credits:  WWF 'Give a hand to Wildlife' campaign, Bite Bar designed by Peter Gregson, Fairview Camembert via The Dieline, Moomah via Apartment One and Deus Ex Machina Poster. This blog story's featured image Moomah's "Stick Together"

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