I’m NOT anxious! I’m just excited!

Putting yourself out there and taking risks in business (and life) can, on a good day, seem like a great idea. 

It takes courage to leap your brand forward: to say yes to that seemingly impossible opportunity; develop that new product; launch the new workshop; take that exciting new direction; or new business idea. Courage is difficult though, when you have fear biting at you around your ankles.

Fear has a way of stepping in sabotaging just about anything. It starts as a niggly feeling that goes on to pervade your entire thoughts and chew up and spit out your dreams. It is disguised as genuine logical ‘reasons’ around time or money limitations; or as procrastination, overwhelm or feelings of inadequacy - they are all fear dressed in different costumes. 

Fear is not useful. Just about never. It is based on a perceived threat in the future that will probably never happen. And if it does it could be because you’re so convinced by your fear that you actually created it. The power of intention can be dangerously influenced by fearful outcomes we imagined for ourselves. 

Fear is faulty thinking. And interestingly it is closely related to its cousin: EXCITEMENT. And here within lies a great secret weapon you can use to transform fear into something very valuable indeed for your brand and business.  

Imagine the possibilities. Simply by taking all of the wasted energy you currently spend on fearful pursuits like worry and procrastination: you  transform that energy into an excitement that propels your best ideas forward into action. Do this and the benefits for your brand will be profound.

This is what it takes to build an amazing brand. Courage to turn your fears into excitement. Not someday, one day when you have the funds, the support, the talent… but now.

Jump into the unknown, take the adventure, be fuelled by those feelings of excitement (you once mistook for fear).

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