First sign I'm up to something

The first sign I'm up to something . . . 

I'm designing an awesome community project called 'Soulful Sessions'. 

It's for a 'Self-expression and Leadership' course I'm doing. I'm so excited about my project, I jump out of bed each morning overflowing with ideas for it. The cool thing is, the course is 'forcing' me to put the ideas into a program and take action. 

Soulful Sessions is a series of online workshops for business owners' and entrepreneurs: launching on the 1 July 2014. 

There will be four Soulful Sunday Sessions where you will be given the framework to create your own 'Brand Plan'. The objective is to empower you to take control of your branding and marketing. 

If you have your own business and want clearer vision for your branding and marketing: send me your expression of interest and I will add you to the mailing list! 

More on Soulful Sessions is to be released over the next few weeks ... 

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