First Day as an Artist

Perhaps today is my first day seeing myself as an “artist”. A lover of life spilled out in paints and inks and pastels. Digitally reworked with mouse and keyboard, artworks to be offered out to the world, to you, to buy.

The seeds are not quite sown yet, but I do have packets of seeds ready to go – and actually packets of seeds is one of the ideas for products for my market stall. The beginnings of what will be my market stall are sketched on paper and etched as dreamy visions in recesses of my mind. Now I need to get creating, producing artwork and illustrated products to stack up on makeshift shelves and trestle tables. It will all start in cyberspace in an etsy store and on my own website but by Spring I will work hard to launch my stall in real life at Byron Bay, Bangalow and Paddington Markets.

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