Cultural Blocks

There is a section of my Soulful Brand Plan workshop where people get stopped. Roadblocks appear out of nowhere just when they are about to step out into the arena.

People start saying ... no, wait a minute ...

And there are REASONS for why they get stopped. It's always different versions of fear. And the real reason behind the fear often runs deep. This is where things start getting really interesting. 

After my latest intensive brand plan workshop, I had a beautiful conversation with a beautiful young woman with a business idea that won’t go away.

When it comes to blocks, interestingly, her family traditions, values and culture get in the way. 

She told me she had a genuine fear of putting herself out there. And when she dug beneath the surface, she realised the roots of her problem came from her cultural background. 

She sent me a note that explains everything: “It was good to hear that we all have road blocks and excuses that can paralyse our ideas and processes, it made me realise that it's all part of the journey and quite common too.

My parents' culture doesn't encourage people to follow what their heart 'sings'. As a female, my background has a very clear 'one-size' fits all approach to life (which I have never agreed with and constantly battle). So listening to what my heart wants and following that voice is a little confronting. Culturally, I would be criticised and punished for going my own way. I spent the day after the workshop coming to terms with the fact that It is okay to want to be your own boss, it is a good thing! I feel this new sense of self and energy because of it. Today I feel like a newer, stronger, better version of myself. Honestly, I feel that I have grown over the weekend.

What I took from your workshop was reinventing."

I was so moved by this woman's honesty and courage. I find this kind of feedback incredibly inspiring. 

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