Blips of love and connection


Good morning from Soulful Branding headquarters - welcome to this beautiful Spring Sunday Session. I have my cup of tea and the doors are flung wide open to let in the cool, fresh morning air. There is a stream of love and connections beaming in to me from every electronic and mobile device I have, even though I am kind of in the middle of nowhere. The different tones of blipping sounds indicate messages from Facebook, Skype, What’sApp, Twitter and email...

But the truth is, there will be a bunch of mostly empty and meaningless messages there waiting for me. Generic, impersonal notifications; messages that do the opposite to what I really want - and that is to feel love and connection.

In my fantasy world, the blips would be from people I know checking in, saying hello; someone fascinating from my past; someone who knows my work and wants to genuinely connect and tell me their story; a dashingly handsome man asking me on a date; or some other personal invitation to somewhere wonderful; a video message from someone I admire, speaking as if directly to me - giving me something insightful and awe-inspiring to think about.

I will continue fantasising and unsubscribing from those lists that don’t fill me up enough. The ones that feel like there's a robot at the other end: consistently dishing out well-meaning bits of meaningless information to keep on target with their content generation goals. 

But most of these messages will resonate with someone, somewhere, and they must have resonated with me too if I signed up to them.

We are all seeking love and connection. But it needs to be REAL. It’s the quality, not the quantity of messages that we crave. 

All of those bits of information that invade our life have a responsibility, to do a job, to be worthwhile and take seriously how they leave us all feeling.   


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